Swedish-Norwegian Matilde Wergeland was born in Sweden but has spent about a third of her life living abroad in London, Paris, Sydney, and New York. She has studied French and English at Sorbonne University and University of Sydney, and also has a Bachelor of Arts from New York University. In addition to being the creator behind this website, she is also a freelance writer and has contributed with articles to Vogue in New York since August 2016. Read her articles for Vogue here.

Previous work and internship experience in this industry includes working for brands such as Ralph Lauren and Harper’s Bazaar, and Matilde also founded the website matildenewyork.com in 2012.


The Retreat by Matilde W is a creative outlet where Matilde aims to inspire her readers through her passion for travel, health, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Having travelled to over 30 different countries, Matilde has developed a big desire for exploring cultures, trends, and places all over the world.  Her ideal travel destination includes beaches, healthy food, yoga, and juice bars, combined with some more fast paced city life. Tea, bikinis, dogs, boxing, photography, and scented candles also have a special place in Matilde's heart.

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