My Visit To a Psychic Medium

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably already seen that I visited a psychic medium a couple of weeks ago. Since I’ve never received so many messages and questions about something I’ve posted there, I have decided to write a little longer post about my experience, and also provide contact information to the medium I went to see. It was also such a great experience that made me feel so motivated and calm afterwards, so this is definitely something I can recommend others to do!

So, it was my very first time and I have to admit I was a bit nervous prior to the visit. However, the woman I met with, Marlene, was so sweet and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable with this new situation. The first thing she did was describing my personality a bit, which definitely sounded like me. She said I was an emotional person who very much feels other people’s feelings when I enter a room (which is true since I am a HSP) and that it’s important for me to take care of others. She also said it’s very important that I listen to my gut because it’s always right. Moreover, she started to talk about my job and family, and frankly everything was true. Even though I do believe in spirituality and psychic mediums etc., I was still so amazed when she talked about my life and was so spot in with everything. She told me I will find a new home next year and that I will probably continue to write and travel (especially to South America in the future!), but also dig deeper into the health industry. I will educate myself more in that field, as well as coach and speak in front of groups, even write books, and probably becoming a yoga teacher too. This feels so inspiring and motivating to hear as I’ve been wondering lately what direction I should take in my career.

She also talked about a past event that happened a few years ago, which feels a bit too private to talk about here, but it felt so good to hear some sort of explanation to why it happened to me. This situation was one of the main reasons why I wanted to visit a medium, to try to get som clarity around it. So after hearing her talking to me about it, it definitely made me feel more ready to let it go. And she also told me something about it that gave me chills…

Further on, she told me about my past lives, which was so interesting to hear. I have always been interested in that subject, especially since I have heard various theories about it, such as the reason for different phobias, attractions, fears, etc. might be because of past lives’ experiences. Apparently, I’ve recently lived in the US, but also in England, France, Italy, Russia, and Australia. I had a very tough and poor life in Russia, rather tough but happy in Italy, and I was very rich and lived in castles when I lived in England and France!

Last but definitely not least, she described my future boyfriend! This, along with the career predictions was definitely what made me really excited and motivated afterwards. She said I would probably meet someone in Stockholm this spring, who is a few years older than me, around 32-34 years old. He is tall, has brown hair, but quite light-colored eyes, loves music, normally wears jeans and a blazer, and is bilingual, probably American-English and Swedish. Lastly, he also has a little less creative job than me, and is probably a banker or engineer. I just thought this was so exciting and interesting to hear, especially since she was able to describe him so well. I can’t wait for spring now!

So, as I said in the beginning, I really felt so inspired and motivated after this visit. I’ve recently felt that I’ve had low energy and my thoughts about the future haven’t been that positive, but it has completely changed now. So, regardless if you believe in this or not, it can definitely make you feel really inspired and motivated, which I think was the most wonderful thing with the visit. Yes, it was great to get some clarity and understanding about past and present events, and I really liked the fact that she also gave me tips and guidance, but it was especially this motivation boost that made me feel like I want to do this many more times. However, many have also asked me if you get to hear any negative things. And yes, some things she told me weren’t that positive and fun to hear, but she said it in a very calm and safe way, so they didn’t sound as difficult actually. This was definitely also a big plus, that things that might scare you feel more manageable when you’ve talked about them with her.

The wonderful woman I went to see is called Marlene and you can contact her on +46 793 343 074 or on @mediummarlene on Instagram if you want to make an appointment. She works mostly in Gothenburg and Stockholm, but sometimes abroad as well. Send her a message and see what you can work out if you’re interested. And this is not a collaboration by the way, just my honest recommendation.

Most of the photos in this post are not my own.