My New York Guide

One of my very dearest friends Sanja has just started a podcast together with her friend Ellinor. The podcast is called Embrace Her and the main topic is about business and young women in the beginning of their careers. In addition to being such a wonderful person, Sanja is one of the most hardworking and inspiring people I know so I can highly recommend you to listen to their great conversations.

In their latest episode, they actually mentioned me (yes, I feel very honored) when they spoke about New York. Sanja and I were in New York together earlier this year, and she talked in her podcast about my love for the city and all the places I recommend people to visit there. If you have followed me for a while, you probably know that I lived in the city for almost five years when I attended NYU and worked at I still write articles for the website from times to times (you find them here), and my dream is definitely to move back to the city some time again in the future (or at least live there during a few months of the year).

So, since I just realized that I strangely enough haven’t written anything about New York here yet, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so since Sanja talked about it in the podcast. However, I’ll try to actually give some new and unique recommendations, and not just mention the usual ones you’ve already seen on Instagram etc.! So here you go, a few of my best New York tips that you can enjoy both with your friends and family, as well as co-workers if you visit the city for work. I hope you like it!

b r e a k f a s t & l u n c h


This is a relatively new discovery of mine, and my god it’s so amazing! This super cure Australian place in Chelsea is perfect for a healthy, yet filling, breakfast or brunch. The avocado toast here is one of the best I’ve had.


I used to go here for lunch almost every day when I worked at’s office in 1 World Trade Center. I always ordered the sweet potatoes, kale, and salmon with grilled avocado, and the brownies by the counter are out of this world!


If you’re into great authentic Greek yoghurt, this is your paradise! You can order it with both sweet and sour toppings, but the café also has great matcha lattes and other drinks. It’s the perfect spot to work at and you always see lots of people sitting here with their computers. You also find some other favorites of mine, such as Cha Cha Matcha, The Butcher’s Daughter, Two Hands, and La Esquina nearby.

d i n n e r


You find this relaxed hideaway in both Williamsburg and East Village (I prefer the one on Manhattan), and the food here is truly amazing. Order the baba ganoush, meze platter, homemade naan bread, and salmon.


This is my second home in the city since I know the owners very very well and went here about every Friday when I lived in the city. I have so many amazing memories from here, everything from my graduation celebration, my first Thanksgivings in the city, to crazy nights dancing on the bar… Although I might be biased, I have to say that I’ve eaten some of the best Italian food here ever, and you have to try their pizzas (ask for the one with truffles if it’s not on the menu), melanzane, capers, tuna tartare, and gnudi. And if you have room - the tiramisu!


You might have heard lots about this restaurant already, but I think it’s too good not to mention. It’s been very hyped since it’s opening, and it you should make sure to book a table quite long in advance. It definitely looks like Ralph Lauren’s own office (which I actually visited once when I worked for the Ralph Lauren Flagship store on Madison Avenue), and the menu includes so many tasty dishes. My favourites are the shrimp cocktail for starters, the chicken, and then even the bread is incredible…

j u i c e b a r s


The soups here are very underrated, especially if you for example want a healthy dinner on the go. I also love the chia puddings here (don’t forget to ask for the jam), and the Nurse Ginger Greene smoothie.


I LOVE this juice bar chain, and I had the luck to live right next to one when I lived in West Village. Their açai bowls are amazing (especially the Aloha Açai), the Tropical Lust and Citrus Super C juices, as well as the Cold Warrior.


This is a relatively new place that opened after I moved. I havne’t tried it myself yet but Sanja and I have a close friend, Victoria, who has tried it and says it’s great. Their salads and juices seem really delicious indeed so I’m very eager to try during my next visit

Skärmavbild 2018-03-22 kl. 21.21.32.png

c o c k t a i l s


This lobby looks just as my future dream living room, and I want to move in and never leave every time I go here.


This is actually one of the best cocktail bars in the US, and I used to live right next to it when I lived in Williamsburg. Their Pimm’s Cup is a classic and must try, and if you get hungry while drinking they also serve delicious food!


I love this place because of their stunning interior, location, and people watching!


a c t i v i t i e s


Broadway shows are great fun but costly, and since I’m a big fan of almost all the American talk shows, I think sitting in the audience is such a fun thing to do (my dream will always be to visit Ellen DeGenerous in LA though…). I love The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, he is able to make pretty much everything into a laugh and the way he jokes about Trump is hilarious.


The 30-min long walk over the bridge is is a perfect way to get a nice view of Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as a bit of exercise. I used to run over the bridge when I lived in Williamsburg, and now when I go back to visit, I usually take the L train from Union Square to Bedford Ave, spend the day in Williamsburg and then walk across the bridge to get back to Manhattan. You find the entrance to the bridge at the most southern end of Bedford Ave in Williamsburg.


You simply can’t visit New York without going here. I love this park so much and one of my favorite things to do is to go to Whole Foods by Columbus Circle, buy lots of delicious food, and then have a picnic on Sheep’s Meadow in the park on a sunny day.

h e a l t h


This spa is so good that I almost don’t want to tell more people about it and keep it for myself. The interior is incredible, and I love the fact that you buy a time slot; hence, there are never too many people there at the same time.


This is where my true love for yoga was created, and I used to go to Yoga To The People several times every week when I lived in the city (I love the one on St Marks and in Williamsburg). The teachers here are amazing and I love the style of the class. A must try if you’re a yoga lover!


Another new place that I haven’t visited yet but am dying to try (and the founder actually attended the same school I go to now, IIN)! It is a next level health café where you find IV-drops, infrared saunas, products from Moon Juice, and much more. You get it - it’s a paradise for health junkies!


s h o p s


Well ok, you’ve seen this on Instagram and Pinterest lots, but it’s so worth a visit that I have to include it here. I think it’s one of the most inspiring places when it comes to both interior design, fashion, and beauty, and I always find something here.


THE shop to go to when you need anything from shampoo and nail polish to fashion tape and scented candles. I really love this chain and don’t understand why they haven’t opened outside of New York (and Miami)?


I believe this started out as a pop-up a couple of years ago but that it then went so well that it’s still open. This brand has so many gorgeous pieces and I find something here each visit, it’s so dangerous.

h o t e l s


I’ve actually not stayed at that many hotels in the city, but I love to visit Ace’s lobby and I’ve stayed at their new hotel in LA. The lobby is a perfect place to bring your computer to if you want a cool spot to work at. I also love the location of the hotel and the rooms seem lovely.


I’ve actually stayed here and it was one of the best nights in my life. The hotel is so incredibly beautiful, the service is over the top, and it was definitely one of the most luxurious rooms I’ve ever stayed in. So if you want to go all in and have the budget, you should definitely check in here.


Another hotel that I love because of the great location (it’s by Madison Square Park, close to Ace Hotel and Edition Hotel too). I have friends who have stayed here and loved it. Their bar is also the most perfect bar for a date.