Es calò des Moro, Mallorca


When I visited one of my favorite islands, Mallorca, last year, I spent one day at one of the coolest beaches I have ever seen! 

We stayed at the amazing retreat Cal Reiet in Santanyí, which is a bit in land, so we went by bike to the coast. When we arrived, it was a bit of a trek to actually get to the beach. It took about 10-15 min to walk from the main road, but it didn't matter since the scenery was amazing. The crystal clear blue water was hugged by majestic cliffs and lush greenery on both sides, which almost made it look unreal.


It really was the perfect place for a day-excursion, and I am so excited to go back again this year during my trip to the island in May. So, next time you're on the island, pack some picnic-food, a swimsuit, and, perhaps most importantly, remember to bring a camera, and you'll have the most amazing day here!