Inspiration: White on White

One of my main sources of inspiration is tumblr, and I can spend hours browsing through all the gorgeous images there. I came across these looks the other day and got so inspired to wear all white looks this spring. White is my favorite color, but I think it can definitely be difficult to style a whole look without looking like a throwback to Backstreet Boys' Millennium cover...

Skärmavbild 2018-03-21 kl. 00.38.46.png

But luckily enough, these three wonderful items just moved into my closet, and I am so excited to wear this look soon (hopefully when I am in LA next week!). This sweater from H&M is just perfect and so stylish, and I am in love with this stunning necklace from Syster P, I am pretty sure it will be my new favorite piece of jewelry. Last but not least, these flows pants from By Malene Birger are so beautiful and will probably be my best friend on my trips this summer.

Skärmavbild 2018-03-21 kl. 00.39.08.png