KXU in London

Trying new workouts when I'm traveling is one of my favorite activities, and I am so incredibly happy I found this amazing gym, KXU in Chelsea, last time I was in London. As you can see, the changing rooms were so stylish (I've never seen a gym with such a stunning interior design like this before!) and the barre class that I took, called Paola's Body Barre Burn, was definitely one of the toughest and best workouts I've ever tried. This super woman Paola really pushed and motivated us to give our very best, and I discovered muscles in my body that I didn't know I had... Do I even need to say that I was barely able to walk the next day?

The gym has lots of other classes too of course, as well as Cryo therapy and Infrared saunas, so if you're interested in any of that, you should definitely check out this place! It's located in Chelsea, on the cutest little street and right next too a Granger & Co., where you can fuel up after your session.