Flight Essentials

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I always pack a little bag with some favorite beauty products to bring on my trips. It's really important to me to feel clean, moisturized and refreshed during the flights.

One favorite products right now I always pack is the Multiactive Toner face mist from Dermalogica. It's so wonderful to spray on the face when it starts to feel dry. The face masque from Dermalogica is also great, and works perfectly with the face mist. The lipgloss from Clarins is also amazing, and I love the hand sanitizer from Aesop. Also, a bunch of hair tiles is a must and I've always loved the Blance scent from Byredo, so this hand cream is lovely. Lastly, I always get these toothbrushes from Colgate when I'm in the US (I get them from CVS, Duane & Reade, and you can also find them in the airports). They are absolutely perfect to bring on travels! There is toothpaste bult in the brush, and your teeth feel super clean after using it. 

The bag I use at the moment is this beauty from By Malene Birger. I love the design and how practical it is that it both fits all my products and also can double as a clutch.