3 Favorite breakfast spots in Copenhagen


There are many reasons to love Copenhagen, but a major one in my opinion is the great selection of lovely restaurants and cafés. Here are three places I visited when I was in the city a few months ago, and dream of often when I'm in the mood for an over-the-top breakfast. These cafés are definitely musts to visit next time you're visiting Copenhagen!

1 I Sonny

Located between on Rådhusstræde close to both Strøget and Tivoli, Sonny is perfect for a breakfast stop if you're staying in west Copenhagen / Kødbyen (Meatpacking District) and are going towards the city center / Kong's Nytorv. I recommend the "Sonny Combo" (shown in the photo below) which gives you their matcha granola, avocado toast, a juice, and a hot beverage.

2 I Ateliér September

You've probably seen photos of this Instagram friendly place on social media already, and trust me - Atelier September is as amazing as it looks! This gem is located in the loveliest neighborhood on Gothersgade, and serves breakfast daily until late afternoon. My favorites are definitely the avocado toast and the yoghurt with granola, zucchini, and matcha.


3 I Apollo Bar

The same owner as Atelier September opened a new place last year called Apollo Bar. Tucked in behind the Charlottenborg palace and art gallery with a beautiful courtyard in the front, this stunning hideaway is actually one of Copenhagen's most tranquil cafés despite its location by the very busy and tourist dense quays in Nyhavn. Their blueberry ricotta toast (the new avocado toast) should definitely be on your order, and try to get a table outside if the weather allows.