Fitness Favorites: Lilybod, Heroica Life & Grounded Factory

I think we all can agree on that working out is much easier and more fun if your equipment and apparel are comfortable, functional, and stylish. Two brands that I think have all those qualities are Grounded Factory and Lilybod. 

I practice yoga several times every week and I'm always on the hunt for new great mats. Since I do a lot of hot yoga it's important that the mat doesn't get slippery when I sweat, and the ones from Grounded Factory give you an even better grip when the mat is a bit wet, which is perfect! In addition, the mats are eco-friendly, and as you can see, very pretty too!

The most important workout apparel in my opinion is the legging. Having a pair of leggings on that are tight, yet comfortable and long enough, is key for me in order to feel good during my run, yoga lesson, or boxing class. I love the ones that are a bit high waisted so they really stay on while you move your body, and when I tried Lilybod's leggings I fell in love immediately! They are so comfortable, the fabric is soft yet tight, and they are simple but still stylish with the details on the legs. 

The online shop Heroica Life sells Lilybod, as well as my lovely grey "Love Life Yoga" top, but you should really check out their website for more brands as well as they have some other excellent brands like Filippa K Sport, Adanola, and All Fenix!