Lifehouse Tonics + Elixirs in LA

Wherever I go in the world, I always try to find places such as juice bars and yoga studios, that can give me my health fix. I wouldn’t say that’s a hard mission to accomplish in LA, on the contrary, it’s actually a never ending work since health conscious places are dotted all over the city! And, being one of the world’s most pioneering and forward thinking places with all the latest trends when it comes to health, you will find so much more than just the regular smoothies and gyms you can find elsewhere around the globe.

One such place I found during my last visit to the city of angels is Lifehouse Tonics + Elixir, which is an extraordinary little place on Sunset Blvd, just a few blocks south of Runyon Canyon. I was lucky enough to visit the founder and owner Jack, who told me about his philosophy, the idea behind the brand, and how he managed to start it.

So, what Lifehouse Tonics + Elixirs has specialized in are shakes and tonics (rather than the smoothies and juices you can find elsewhere) with ingredients such as superfoods, super-mushrooms, adaptogens, essential minerals, herbs, and probiotics. You can also buy amazing desserts, like the one below (it tasted heavenly), and their own blends of super ingredients (I love the Forever Young jar).

It was so interesting and fascinating hearing Jack telling me all the work behind the products they sell, and how to make them both as nutritious as possible but at the same time taste good. Something he said that really got me thinking was that you really need to be considerate about how you mix different superfoods, adaptogens, minerals etc. Some give you energy, while some help you to relax, so you need to think twice before you just blend them all in your own smoothie etc. Therefore, I am so happy about their own blends I mentioned above, they really are amazing!

I really hope something similar comes to Europe because this is definitely one of the best health conscious places I’ve ever visited. Everything tasted incredible, and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything as healthy before. So, next time in LA, you now know where to go!