Retreat: Grand Hotel Tremezzo

I'm so thankful for all the amazing experiences I've had thanks to my job, especially all the incredible places I've got the chance to see. One place that I am a bit extra thankful for is this gem in Lago di Como in Italy - Grand Hotel Tremezzo - one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever been to!

What's so special with Grand Hotel Tremezzo and the area is that wherever you lay your eyes you'll see something stunning. Whether it is the gorgeous interior, incredibly cool pool in the lake, the tastefully and luxuriously decorated rooms, the magnificent restaurants, or the majestic mountains on the other side of the lake. Yes, there are many beautiful hotels around the world, but a place where everything is stunning, even outside the hotel area, that is not always easy to find in my opinion.


I was here with my mom and we had such an amazing time together. I definitely recommend to go here with family since it's a very quiet and calm, and it's ideal for honeymoon! If you want to go all in, book the Bellagio corner suite, one of the very nicest rooms at the hotel (if not the very best?). You'll get your own terrace and jacuzzi overlooking the picturesque village Bellagio across the lake (you can easily go to Bellagio by ferry or boat).

In addition to excellent service and beauty beyond this world, the hotel has several pools where you can unwind; one in the lake, one by the spa, and one behind the hotel. You also have plenty of restaurant options, but my favorite is the dinner restaurant with the terrace towards the lake. We had dinner here one night and tried their famous golden risotto with real gold on. Yes, it was superb, and no, I don't want to know what it cost...

The spa here is also astonishing with its tastefully decorated relaxing areas, as well as outdoor- and indoor pools. Unfortunately, we didn't try any treatments during our stay, but I did spend a lot of time in our stunning bathtub (seen in the photo above).

I can't wait to go back here soon again as it was such an extraordinary experience I think about a lot. September was a great month to visit as it's quiet but still warn outside, but I heard spring and early summer is amazing too! To book a room and read more about the hotel, click here

All my clothes seen in the photos are from House of Dagmar, and the bikini from Marysia Swim.